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    Zee 11:56 am on October 31, 2014 - 12 hours ago

    New historic high.

    • Apple warns shareholders on change to Irish tax structure:

    PS. Tim Cook is the greatest:-P


    Nicu 7:43 pm on October 28, 2014 - 3 days ago


    in AXPWW in two lots (yesterday and today) at an average of 63c (5 year AXPW $3.25 warrants)

    • Nicu

      Nicu 7:28 pm on October 29, 2014 2 days ago

      one more lot @ 54c (while on the track today ;) )

    • SB

      SB 10:15 pm on October 30, 2014 1 day ago

      A lot of angst on the axion power concentrator regarding the B warrants and some clause that allows for further potential dilution if the stock price stays low .. or so I gather. Meanwhile the price of the common shares continues downward ….

      • Nicu

        Nicu 10:30 pm on October 30, 2014 1 day ago

        First, I have quit reading the concentrators, too much chicken $#!† there …

        Yep, I was not aware of the modification but I had a call from Nick Hall yesterday (while driving on the highway, coming back from the track) and he explained a bit the matter. Then I took a look this morning and starting in four months, the B warrants protect from downside, in the sense that for 15 months, there is no way to lose money other than bankruptcy. I will actually gain about 20% of my investment in the worse case.

        I do not know if this means I am on the dark side right now, but when my company needed help (cash), despite all the negativity around, I have stepped up and did what I felt I should ;)

        • Nicu

          Nicu 10:32 pm on October 30, 2014 1 day ago

          worse -> worst

    • Nicu

      Nicu 10:31 pm on October 30, 2014 1 day ago

      + 1.18 lots @ 48c (day order open for 2 lots, did not fill)

  • conshmillo

    conshmillo 8:37 pm on October 24, 2014 - 7 days ago

    “The incredible rise of Tesla’s stock price has done little to now stop two major shareholders from ditching their stake in the American EV manufacturer. First, Daimler, parent company of Mercedes-Benz, ditched its four-percent stake, and less than a week later, Toyota is doing the same thing, selling off an undisclosed bit of its Tesla investment.”


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    Richard 3:01 pm on October 22, 2014 - 9 days ago

    $17 billion! Folks, buy while there’s still some left to buy! Probably there are people bailing out after surviving the long valley of death; once they are gone, surely we’ll see some upward movement?

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    conshmillo 3:04 am on October 20, 2014 - 12 days ago

    OK, now I know where do the colors of the new icons come from.



    • Zee

      Zee 3:24 am on October 20, 2014 12 days ago

      I didn’t watch the video. And he worries me. I guess I don’t have any questions. Although I wonder. Does he shave his head and face everyday? Or does somebody else do that for him? And does it stop there? And because he’s English. Is he uncut? LOL

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 11:48 pm on October 27, 2014 4 days ago

      “I’ve” been bothered by a lot of Apple’s design decisions lately, so I had avoided watching this. Expected to dislike it. Have to admit I liked what he said. It articulated a few things I’ve felt about design, but have never heard anywhere else. Anyway, it makes me like him again, but I’m still left in wonder and shaking my head about many of his design decisions at Apple.

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    conshmillo 7:41 am on October 18, 2014 - 14 days ago

    Mr. Lehman could predict the prices of foreign-exchange futures more accurately than he could call a coin flip. But, being a rat, he needed the right bonus package to do so: a food pellet for when he was right, and a small shock when he was wrong. (Also, being a rat, he was not very good at flipping coins.)

    Mr. Lehman was part of “Rat Traders,” a project overseen by the Austrian conceptual artist Michael Marcovici, whose work often comments on business and the economy. For the project, Marcovici trained dozens of rats to detect patterns in the foreign-exchange futures market. To do this, he converted price fluctuations into a series of notes played on a piano—if a price went up, the next note was higher—and then left it up to the rat to predict the tone of the note that followed. With some prodding, the rats began forecasting price changes, and Marcovici says that they were outperforming human traders after a few months of training—a claim, though, that’d require testing more thorough than what was done here.


  • conshmillo

    conshmillo 5:06 am on October 18, 2014 - 14 days ago

    In case you missed it.


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    conshmillo 7:28 pm on October 17, 2014 - 14 days ago

    With last Apple event timed before earnings, and with Zacks having Apple rated at 2, I would assume earnings report is going to be OK. Not sure about the guidance but do not see problem there either. Christmas are coming. AAPL broke it’s 50MA but it was under the huge pressure from market drop as a whole. My guess is AAPL will be breaking 104 resistance.

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    Nicu 8:21 am on October 17, 2014 - 15 days ago

    Now I understand better why I heard Chinese during the few minutes the live stream worked for me.


    • henrystar

      Richard 9:20 am on October 17, 2014 15 days ago

      Thanks, VERY educational indeed!

    • conshmillo

      conshmillo 6:57 pm on October 17, 2014 14 days ago

      What a hogwash. And bad writing too. “it’s for the billions of people with tens of billions of dollars” – really?

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 3:27 am on October 20, 2014 12 days ago

      Well the reasoning makes sense if the aWatch costs “tens of dollars.” ;-) [do the division]
      The reasoning is poor. Although it’s true many people needed to draw on their palms etc. 30 years ago when I was a student in asia, this just isn’t such an issue any more :
      1.) Manderin is ubiquitous now [internet, TV, etc.]
      2.) paper works well and is very cheap
      3.) [the Register is so bad! Who reads it for insight anymore? (No offense Nicu.)]
      The reasoning seems like the work of a “Chinese expert” of questionable expertise and decades out of date. Don’t get me wrong, Chinese do like gold and many will find the aWatch enticing. But the appeal is all about the newest technology from Apple and nothing else.
      [Then there's the whole overlooked fact that the aWatch will not be released for another 4-6 months and nobody yet knows exactly what all it will do . . . Reminds me of all the "expert opinion" immediately after after the iPhone was unveiled.]
      BTW call me crazy, but based just on what we actually know for sure, I think just about anyone would prefer an apple watch over a FitBit and a Pebble. Am I wrong?

  • conshmillo 8:09 pm on October 16, 2014 - 15 days ago


    WTF is wrong with the guy who is picking those gradient colors for the icons (and window close/minimize buttons) in the new flat interfaces? btw. There is some improvement with the icons. Kind of half way from crazy of iOS7 and what it should be. Still crappy colors.

    • conshmillo

      conshmillo 8:25 pm on October 16, 2014 15 days ago

      Oh and gold color for iPad? I wanna throw up. How cheesy.

      • Zee

        Zee 11:18 pm on October 16, 2014 15 days ago

        It’s now officially an accessory rather than a tool or gear. And my guess is the components and ingenuity exists to create something in a tablet that cannibalizes the legacy devices and their healthier profits and margins. It may have gotten this way because they’re giving the newly employed chicks a say. LOL In my book gold is as bad as beige. At one time there used to be places that wouldn’t let you in if you wore beige.

    • Zee

      Zee 1:07 am on October 17, 2014 15 days ago

      • conshmillo

        conshmillo 3:24 am on October 17, 2014 15 days ago

        Now I learned something. I also read her other article about “mesh”.

        • Zee

          Zee 4:08 am on October 17, 2014 15 days ago

          No I haven’t read her mesh article. I get the concept. What’s interesting is ideas can have their time. You get certain concepts and intuitively plot them on a metal map before you discover certain R&D and technologies are going there. Warren Buffett is very good at explaing how legacy industries give way to new technologies. No one has whispered anything around here about the bear hmm. I think what’s on the table now is the future of the telecoms, tv and content. The telecoms are a legacy sector holding up and controlling much. Apart from QE and other forms of economic stimulus, if you change the paradigm and decapitalize the telecoms and reduce everyone’s monthly bills (cable tv, mobile, ISP, landlines) by what, 50%, you’ve created a new economic stimulus that fosters more business and education. Too much ripped off content is no good, content that’s too expensive is no good, and content controlled by too few is no good. So something is going to give because the technology exists and is improving. That’s my hunch. Because originally Verizon did not want the iPhone. And it may have only been a whim when AT&T accepted the iPhone. My guess is what is standing in the way of much innovation and culture are the telecoms and maybe Amazon. As a side note. Did you know Jack Ma wants to go into delivery and courier services. Right now I’d love it if a drone delivered some egg rolls to my place…

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