• conshmillo 9:22 pm on April 23, 2014 - 3 hours ago


    3 bucks away from breaking 4 months high of 571.71. Actually it wasn’t above 571.71 for 1 1/2 years. I don’t think it will stop before it licks it above it.

  • conshmillo 8:53 pm on April 23, 2014 - 4 hours ago


    My MAY14 555 calls look quite pretty right now.

    • eatingbeets

      eatingbeets 8:58 pm on April 23, 2014 4 hours ago

      7:1 split… crazy. What are the implications of that? More retail investors? Kill the options casino?

      • conshmillo

        conshmillo 9:12 pm on April 23, 2014 4 hours ago

        Yes, that’s what I thought. More buy and hold little guy types. Although I think it will increase options trading too.

    • Nicu

      Nicu 9:02 pm on April 23, 2014 4 hours ago

      congrats :)

      • conshmillo

        conshmillo 9:15 pm on April 23, 2014 3 hours ago

        Thanks. Looking good but car is not in the garage yet. Doing this too long too cheer before trade is closed.

        • Nicu

          Nicu 9:17 pm on April 23, 2014 3 hours ago

          great mindset, please post the trade and if possible comments on your decision

          • conshmillo

            conshmillo 9:33 pm on April 23, 2014 3 hours ago

            I actually entered the trade because AAPL call options were incredibly cheap. I was looking at TSLA, FB, NFLX and LNKD. All way too overpriced. I got apples at 5.15 in front of the earnings. I thought it was good price to reward risk ratio. I posted the trade here on April 10.

            • Nicu

              Nicu 9:40 pm on April 23, 2014 3 hours ago

              yep, I remember that; but as you said, that was just half the trade; you’ll have to decide about the exit too

            • conshmillo

              conshmillo 9:51 pm on April 23, 2014 3 hours ago

              I will be exiting tomorrow. If I could get out anywhere 570 that would be great, but I will take less. This are May14 options, no time to mess around, even if it goes up another $40 by expiration.

  • 2

    piero 5:32 pm on April 23, 2014 - 7 hours ago

    Our financial system is so corrupt you might say that a fish rots from the Fed.
    How else can one describe a regime that punishes savers and rewards borrowers and speculators for years on end? Our central bank is essentially taking billions of dollars a year from average Americans, who are still struggling to get by in a bombed-out economy, and it is giving it — yes, giving it — to the very banks that helped cause the 2008 financial crisis in the first place.

  • Nicu 9:25 pm on April 22, 2014 - 1 day ago


    I have just realised tomorrow is the quarterly report. But I have planned a track day which obviously is more important (I had some Apr $535 calls expire worthless last week, missed several occasions to sell them above $20, even after the disastruous Q1 earnings report – next expire date for me is Jan ’15).

    If we cannot get to the track (long story, but non negligible probability), I will try to guess some numbers with a completely different and uninteresting algorithm (and probably much more accurate ;) ).

  • 3

    piero 10:35 pm on April 21, 2014 - 2 days ago

    What could it mean when a Ceo keep buying stocks of his company for a value of about $ 416?

    Filer Name : SWETS LARRY G JR
    Insider Title(s) : PR,CEO,DIR
    Ticker : KFS
    Trans Type(s) : B
    Dollar Value : $416
    Shares Traded : 78
    Trans Date(s) From : 4/16/14
    Trans Date(s) To : 4/16/14
    Trans Price(s) From : $5.33
    Trans Price(s) To : $5.33
    Direct Holdings : 1,859,317
    Indirect Holdings : —
    Other Info : —
    Input Date : 4/21/14 12:20:22 pm

    • Zee

      Zee 11:58 am on April 22, 2014 2 days ago

      What are you using piero? A dart board? Of all things and in all places you pick up an insurer listed on a market from the sticks? I thought you were strictly Nasdaq. As for your question. Why $416? You’ll have better luck guessing what colour socks he wears. If not black or blue. Then white. That’s still popular there in the corporate sector. They’re Canadians. Hmm. And no sense of humour. I read they risk being delisted. Maybe $416 was his lunch money. You could phone investor relations. On the chart. What’s the spread? My bet is they’re having trouble attracting the LFT.

      You know I heard a report this morning on the radio out of the FAO re the global banana market. Not good. I’m just wondering like the way the Hunt bros once tried to corner the silver market who in the world is the top banana and the second banana etcetera? Do you know? This might be the time to go long on bananas.

      • piero

        piero 1:15 pm on April 23, 2014 11 hours ago

        If I could I would!! ;-)

        • Zee

          Zee 1:22 pm on April 23, 2014 11 hours ago

          Would? Could? How do you say something like this in Italian? Would a woodchuck chuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood?!

  • 1

    conshmillo 7:29 am on April 18, 2014 - 6 days ago

  • 11

    conshmillo 9:30 am on April 11, 2014 - 13 days ago

    “The iPro was designed for professionals who need a lot of everything, be it memory, workspace or processing power! If a Mac Pro and iMac had a super-baby it would be the iPro. The best of both worlds with its retina cinema display and careful balance between performance and design. It’s an all-in-one enclosed solution that can still be upgraded or downgraded easily.


    • conshmillo

      conshmillo 9:36 am on April 11, 2014 13 days ago

      Not bad at all. Except it isn’t Apple’s design. Only thing that seems to me to be a bit overkill is the front grill.

    • piero

      piero 4:33 pm on April 11, 2014 12 days ago

      Really like it, but it miss the tablet version rotating backward so the “Pro” tube as top of the screen. But he should change those grids in the back for it.

      • Zee

        Zee 4:44 pm on April 11, 2014 12 days ago

        No I don’t like that thing Piero. The round part looks like something you hold in the palm of your hand and the flat part spreads plaster.

    • henrystar

      Richard 7:45 pm on April 11, 2014 12 days ago

      Looks like a Segway.

      • Zee

        Zee 3:45 am on April 12, 2014 12 days ago

        That’s funny. The implication is extrusion is how it’s manufactured and then individual Segways are sliced off. lol

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 11:00 pm on April 14, 2014 9 days ago

      Pretty cool.
      The way the base is designed would make it way more expensive to manufacture than the Mac Pro. The screen also seems vulnerable to me.
      I think a better solution would be a lower spec MacPro in the current MacPro enclosure bundled with an affordable iMac/Cinema Display.

      • Zee

        Zee 6:52 am on April 15, 2014 9 days ago

        I don’t feel it’s a successful design. This is my thinking. Historically your computer and screen were often separate. But not necessarily. Either design had and has advantages. Now we’re seeing the computer packed tightly behind the screen. Therefore. Re the screen. What do you want? You want a screen that easily adjusts to your eyes. That means. How you want to sit and or face the screen. And how far do you want to be away from the screen. And his safe is the screen from whatever. That’s why I think the existing iMac design is superior to this iPro version.

        As for the new Mac Pro. It’s great. I want one. Can Apple please think about getting rid of all the effing wires? Hmm. WTF.

        • JPWatkins

          JPWatkins 6:03 am on April 16, 2014 8 days ago

          OK. Yeah, I’ll stop my pretense. Truthfully, it’s a typical “design student” concept (pretty, in its way, but simplistic and not thought out.) Basically it’s what I call conceptual “design porn.” I just didn’t have the heart or energy to say it, since folks seemed to like it.

          Frankly, I rarely get excited by full blown design concepts anymore. They’re so ridiculously unlikely and divorced from the realities of actual use. Usually only individual features of them sometimes pique my interest. In this case I think the sculptural form is pretty, but contextually silly. Sorry I’m so jaded.

  • 4

    Zee 3:05 am on April 11, 2014 - 13 days ago

    ComiXology is the iTunes of comic books and graphic novels.

  • 11

    piero 10:51 pm on April 10, 2014 - 13 days ago

    Am I too much extreme or the latest crashed rallies look like a sign from the criminal traders gangs?

  • conshmillo 7:44 pm on April 10, 2014 - 13 days ago


    I was looking at TSLA calls too, but they are ridiculously overpriced.

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