• SB

    SB 4:35 pm on August 8, 2015 - 896 days ago

  • 2

    SB 7:40 pm on April 30, 2015 - 996 days ago

    Price seems to be gravitating towards this weeks 125 Max Pain point.

    • Nicu

      Nicu 9:04 pm on April 30, 2015 996 days ago

      I was thinking about that, but I did not do the estimates (looks like $125 to the naked eye). However, those earnings should beat max pain, sometimes even a mild market wind beats it.

      • SB

        SB 4:07 pm on May 1, 2015 995 days ago

        I don’t run the numbers myself, there are a couple of sites that calculate it:

        The market wind and the apple watch taptic engine supply issue seemed enough to beat the earnings news.

  • 4

    SB 5:31 pm on March 9, 2015 - 1048 days ago

    I don’t have an iPhone yet, but as someone who is on the wrong side of the hill, health is a big deal to me.

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 9:53 pm on March 9, 2015 1048 days ago

      Could be.
      All I can say is, it’s pretty cool. Definitely beats the competition hands down. It’s very impressive. Especially appreciated the Medical Research kit (whatever it’s called.) That’s something Ive envisioned for iOS for a long time.

      Still though, I wouldn’t consider buying it until the charge time improves and it’s waterproof. Maybe I’m different—if I’m wearing a watch, I always wear it—in bed, in the shower, working out, etc. I can’t be bothered/relied upon to take it off to avoid damage.

      • conshmillo

        conshmillo 1:20 am on March 10, 2015 1048 days ago

        I have a fancy watch which I never wear. Most of the time I use beaten plastic Timex cheap watch with dry zip. I don’t care if I hits something in the shop, get water, oil, whatever on it. I actually like that cheapo watch. Everybody on Apple forums is complaining about the price of Apple Watch. Forget the the price. It is butt ugly. You have to charge it every 18 hours. You have to have iphone in order for it to work. It’s gonna flop.

        • SB

          SB 6:32 pm on March 10, 2015 1047 days ago

          I have the Note 2 – and I can say I’ve been longing for a watch-like device that will save me dragging it out of my pocket/briefcase every time it beeps/vibrates. I’ve yet to see anything in android world to make me give it a try. The apple watch is enticing to me – ugly to you it may be, but to me it is much better than the android offerings, and the potential convenience of apple pay may seal the deal. For me. But again – I’m not looking for a “watch” – I’m looking for a useful accessory for a large screen smart phone.

        • JPWatkins

          JPWatkins 9:05 pm on March 10, 2015 1047 days ago

          I’s say it’s no more “butt ugly” than an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It’s mostly screen and the screen is fantastic. Plus you can make the screen look like whatever you want. I’m with you on the charging.

  • 2

    SB 5:33 pm on December 18, 2014 - 1129 days ago

    I was sure I would be upgrading to the Note 4. I like the form factor better then the 6+, and I like the stylus. But I was looking into the Uber/Lyft apps, and ultimately I am uncomfortable with giving those companies my CC info. But the acceptance of Apple Pay changes the dynamic. The potential coupling of Apple Pay with the watch is intriguing as well. I’ve been trying to figure a good time to get out of AAPL, but the potential here has me thinking about holding a bit longer than I’d intended ….

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 1:44 am on December 20, 2014 1128 days ago

      Apple pay is cool, convenient, and is rapidly gaining traction (1% of transactions after only 1 month—count on that to double in another month.) But there are so many other factors that make the IPhone more attractive than a Note2 for me . . .
      To each his own, of course.

      • SB

        SB 6:00 pm on December 24, 2014 1123 days ago

        I believe that 1% figure is the percentage of digital transactions, which are currently dominated by Square and Paypal.

        At the time, it was Note 2 or iPhone 5, and the screen real estate advantage of the Note 2 won me over.

  • 4

    SB 5:01 pm on December 8, 2014 - 1139 days ago

    • SB

      SB 5:42 pm on December 9, 2014 1138 days ago

      • conshmillo

        conshmillo 6:39 pm on December 9, 2014 1138 days ago

        btw. I think Jobs was critical of stylus for marketing purposes. He needed to differentiate Apple’s new product from the rest somehow.

    • conshmillo

      conshmillo 6:38 pm on December 9, 2014 1138 days ago

      What, Jony discovered that it is silly and childish for doctor to write his notes with his finger or that it is much easier to sketch new idea on iPad with a pen in your hand? Sorry to say, I lost completely my interest in Apple. To me they are going wrong direction. My computer never crashed so much before I upgraded to Mavericks. If ever. I hate their new mobile interfaces with passion. I don’t care about golden phone or golden pen they come up with. I use Apple out of inertia. Thank for sharing though. I appreciate the thought.

    • Zee

      Zee 6:40 pm on December 9, 2014 1138 days ago

      @ SB. Thanx. I think it’s inevitable.

  • SB

    SB 10:17 pm on September 29, 2014 - 1209 days ago

  • 3

    SB 6:34 pm on September 4, 2014 - 1234 days ago

    My wife dropped her iPhone 4s and shattered the glass panel on the back. Looking online, this is a really easy fix, with lots of folks willing to sell you panels for $10 or less. I called an Apple store to see if they have the panels to make this repair and how much it would cost. They absolutely would not tell me if the parts are in stock, or if they could/would make the repair. They insist that I come in to the store to get an answer.

    Insanely ridiculous. I am not going spend an hour driving/parking just to be told they have to order the part and it will take N days to get there, and to leave the phone with them, or come back again when the part is in. Or if it will cost $29 or $49 or whatever …

    • conshmillo

      conshmillo 7:03 pm on September 4, 2014 1234 days ago

      I hear you. Yesterday I had to drive 40 miles twice because some Einstein sold me wrong battery for our Kubota tractor. But yeah, one would expect better from Apple.

    • chach17

      chach17 8:37 pm on September 4, 2014 1234 days ago

      I hear you on this as well however it’s impossible for either the customer or the Apple store employee to understand the full extent of the damage to your phone without actually being able to physically inspect it. I think because of this they would rather not provide quotes over the phone as you would be equally unhappy if they told you over the phone it would cost $X to fix but then when you get there it is actually $X+Y.

      • SB

        SB 8:53 pm on September 4, 2014 1234 days ago

        Except …. it isn’t complicated. The phone works. The glass on the back is broken. I need the glass. All I wanted to know was if they have it in stock, and if so, how much is it, and if I let them remove the two screws required to replace the glass, how much will they charge? They said I would need to come in to the store to check inventory. Excuse given, they don’t want to tell me they have it and I come in and find out it has since been sold and they are out of stock. It apparently is much more convenient to have me come into the store and then tell me they are out of stock. Sigh.

  • SB

    SB 10:47 pm on March 7, 2014 - 1415 days ago

    Other than the name, “Milk”, it has a lot going for it, not the least of which is that it is free and has no ads. It remains to be seen if it will remain that way, but IMO that’s a much better way to spend your money than all the $$ they’ve spent on marketing. If they keep it free, it could create some stickiness for the Galaxy line, and dare I say it, be the start of a genuine Galaxy based ecosystem ….. wish I had moved my AAPL to AXPW ;(

  • 1

    SB 12:09 am on November 21, 2013 - 1522 days ago

    Pretty cool.

    This video highlights the self-healing nature of the plastic back, but I found the curved shape and the ability to flex/flatten the phone impressive.

    As one who has the Galaxy Note II, I’ve always felt nervous about putting it in a back pocket. Apparently not a concern with this phone.

    Note: I tried to post this under LGLD, the best ticker I could find for LG. Got a nice “Be the first to post” message, but was not able to actually create a new post.

    • piero

      piero 12:38 am on November 21, 2013 1522 days ago

      Very interesting! The self healing plastic is kind of sci fi !

      But, man, 6 inches are not a phone at all! it’s more a pocket book you make calls with it !! ;-)
      You can’t buy a scooter to ride a motorbike….!

  • 1

    SB 10:49 pm on October 4, 2013 - 1569 days ago

    • Nicu

      Nicu 11:26 pm on October 4, 2013 1569 days ago

      “According to Mackay, at one point 12 acres (5 ha) of land were offered for a Semper Augustus bulb.”

      Not quite there yet, but selling AAPL to buy TSLA now it’s a bit insane IMO

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