I did some speculation about the new Ô£øTV on the Google board but as usual, some posts got deleted by those incompetent crooks … so here I go again.

It should be something inexpensive that lets people get content that is not on iTunes store (not enough, Hollywood is too slow / stubborn – and people fell great about “freedom”, even if it gets them nothing sometimes).

So what does Ô£ø have for that : iPhone OS, App Store, A4, new data center. So we could have a 10oz device (no screen, no battery) that has to be plugged into the wall socket and into the TV by a HDMI cable. Why not integrate it in the “charger”, as it is the case for Airport Express (less cables, no space taken on some flat surface) ? Controlled by the classic remote or any iPhone OS device. Apps from Netflix, Hulu & all the others could be used on the thing. And of course, games ! developers are already rewriting them for a different resolution, read iPad, why not full HD also ? Goodbye XBox, PS3, Wii …

There is even better. As small and inexpensive, why not also integrate it in the gorgeous Ô£ø monitors ? They get wi-fi (and ethernet ?) and there is your digital TV / home theater (24″, 27″, 30″), video chat with grandpa’, games … at no extra cost than the monitor that you may already buy for some reason.

I don’t think web on TV (with Flash support LOL) is the way to go, we’ll let Google try to convince people to search on their TV !