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    conshmillo 3:06 pm on June 2, 2010 - 2752 days ago

    It seems after defying markets for a week, AAPL is tanking today. Dow is up 160 points and AAPL is barely staying in green. I wonder if it is because of the ATT announcement. Unlimited data plans under new ATT plans are gone. They added tethering but at additional cost of $20/month. New Data Pro plans are capped to 2gigs per month @25.00/month compared to previous unlimited data plans for 29.99. Each additional gig is extra $10/month. I think this is going to bite them. But then, where else will you go? Maybe there will be another carrier(s) announcement at WWDC, so we can have a little bit more competition. btw. I always thought they will have to do something like this. Years back I thought, text, sound and video will be three different categories, with each of them having their own price bracket. But then look at ATT, they can charge you extra 20 cents for messaging which is cheapest form of data. I think teens can spend a $1 in like 15 seconds!

    • mikeinmontreal

      mikeinmontreal 5:54 pm on June 3, 2010 2751 days ago

      In Canada, tethering is free with Fido and Rogers..but the carriers still suck…no sharing between devices…we’ll see what happens on Monday….

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    Nicu 4:56 am on June 2, 2010 - 2752 days ago

    I did some speculation about the new Ô£øTV on the Google board but as usual, some posts got deleted by those incompetent crooks … so here I go again.

    It should be something inexpensive that lets people get content that is not on iTunes store (not enough, Hollywood is too slow / stubborn – and people fell great about “freedom”, even if it gets them nothing sometimes).

    So what does Ô£ø have for that : iPhone OS, App Store, A4, new data center. So we could have a 10oz device (no screen, no battery) that has to be plugged into the wall socket and into the TV by a HDMI cable. Why not integrate it in the “charger”, as it is the case for Airport Express (less cables, no space taken on some flat surface) ? Controlled by the classic remote or any iPhone OS device. Apps from Netflix, Hulu & all the others could be used on the thing. And of course, games ! developers are already rewriting them for a different resolution, read iPad, why not full HD also ? Goodbye XBox, PS3, Wii …

    There is even better. As small and inexpensive, why not also integrate it in the gorgeous Ô£ø monitors ? They get wi-fi (and ethernet ?) and there is your digital TV / home theater (24″, 27″, 30″), video chat with grandpa’, games … at no extra cost than the monitor that you may already buy for some reason.

    I don’t think web on TV (with Flash support LOL) is the way to go, we’ll let Google try to convince people to search on their TV !

    • admin

      admin 1:24 pm on June 2, 2010 2752 days ago

      I think I read about device like that on some Apple site. Small, size of the iPhone, portable. Maybe with Apple remote control and videoplayer will become the same device :-) btw. I don’t think $4 video rentals through iTunes is good business model.

      • Nicu

        Nicu 1:31 pm on June 2, 2010 2752 days ago

        Hi Consch, I received a mail related to your answer in my thread but it contains too much data about you for my taste : your IP for example. Maybe you could erase this data. Is there a way to opt out of receiving emails related to posts ?

        • admin

          admin 2:12 pm on June 2, 2010 2752 days ago

          for now I turned notification off. I will make it optional when I turn it back on. Will remove all the info except for text of reply and link to reply comment.

    • mikeinmontreal

      mikeinmontreal 6:11 pm on June 3, 2010 2751 days ago

      Would like to have Safari and bluetooth for wireless/keyboard mouse….and if it could work with EyeTV and have a USB port for more storage…long wish list, but for now, we’ll know when we know….

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    conshmillo 7:32 pm on June 1, 2010 - 2753 days ago

    Out of all 240/260 AAPL JUL/OCT calls.

    • admin

      admin 9:54 pm on June 1, 2010 2753 days ago

      What a freaky close! But Apple insiders must know something because this is third day it is completely beating DIA/DJIA. I believe something big is going to be announced soon. Also AAPL crossed 258.85 resistance from May 18th. Will look for short term opportunities if it dips a bit.

    • nolavabo

      nolavabo 11:06 am on June 2, 2010 2752 days ago

      AAPL always rallies into WWDC. the trick is to time the “sell on the news”. it used to be the day after, then became the same day, then the day before. it’s creeping forward.

      On my system, AAPL went over and closed under the (high) swing point of $265 once. To keep moving higher, she needs to close over 265. each time she goes over and closes under it increases the pressure down. Bear in mind sell on the news for above, and when it kicks in I expect aapl to dive back to 238 ish.

      I scalped some puts yday on AAPL, but was slow. only +$1. I am still underwater with my $250 puts on AAPL.

      Bought calls for SDS and QID, Sep and Oct, $1 OTM. Still expecting large down moves in market until Europe resolved.

    • mikeinmontreal

      mikeinmontreal 6:06 pm on June 3, 2010 2751 days ago

      I am selling my June 270/280 calls on Monday, after the announcement….going to take a hit, but I bought the stock when it went under $250 to hedge my bet; hopefully I’ll even out on the cover….Going to hold on to my July 270/280s and Oct 310/300s for now….may roll them into January if I get antsy.

      Thanks for putting this up here. I was a long-time lurker on Google but never posted because my full name and email address were up there and was never able to change them…that said, I’ve known all of you for about 6 months now LOL.

    • nolavabo

      nolavabo 8:33 am on June 4, 2010 2750 days ago

      6 months? newbie :)

      Unlike Google boards, you can post TA opinions here without idiots claiming that TA is a bunch of BS. In fact, conschmillo was instrumental in converting me from a hard-core TA skeptic into somebody who uses it everyday now.

      I’ll state up front that I believe a major down trend has been created globally and we should be looking at how low shares can go, rather than how high. I may be wrong, but I’m trading what I believe.

      I use a lesser known school that emphasises volume and swing points. This philosophy states that AAPL has a high swing point May 13 of $265. To break a swing point you need to close over it, while going over it intraday and closing under it is considered a failure. The last 3 days AAPL went over it, and closed under it. Call it resistance, call it what you will, AAPL cannot stay over it. The more often this happens, the greater the chance of flipping around and running for a low swing point, in this case May 21 $231.35.

      Given that WWDC is coming up, we have two “news” forces fighting it out here. One is the inevitable rally into WWDC / iphone launch / os4 launch /ipad sales numbers. The other is the sell on the news, which is creeping forward slowly from being after the news to being before the news.

      Combine the news with the TA, and I believe that unless she can close over 265 pronto, she will succumb to a sell on the news and start caving in.

      If she breaks this support / swing point, the next stop is the huge volume day (day after the flash crash) where she bottomed out at $225.xx. This will be major, major support and will hold unless the overall market is headed back to SPX 800. If *this* happens, the absolute floor is the $199 from the flash crash day.

      I’ll also add that in a sideways or bullish market, AAPL is easily worth $300. But, as I said above, I believe we’re in a downtrending market for now.

    • nolavabo

      nolavabo 8:44 am on June 4, 2010 2750 days ago

      further to my above post

      AAPL is in a historic position in terms of one stock influencing the entire market. AAPL’s weighting the NDX (nasdaq100) is now 19.7%. Unbelievable. A bull / bear AAPL can influence an entire key index.

      Therefore, more than any other stock I can think of, AAPL has undue influence. A tanking AAPL can tank the whole ball of wax. The inverse applies too of course.

    • cparth

      cparth 2:12 pm on June 4, 2010 2750 days ago

      I am extremely bullish on AAPL for Monday, i was cautious when they announced earnings in April and had only few calls, where i did a killing, too bad could have done way more, but historically AAPL always tanked on news, not this time.
      My guess is that the sell on news paradigm does not apply anymore to AAPL because of the enormous amount of NEW investors trading this stock. And by investors i mean papa, mama and everybody else.
      I expect Steve to surprise us with something new beyond Iphone, AppleTV and sorts, i have my guesses as what it might be, but ill let myself be surprised.
      I see the stock jumping back to $270 within a few days if no other market related news hits us.
      I’m heavy into naked puts and out of money calls.
      If i’m wrong i’m just going to have to borrow some money to exercise all these options at expiration and ride it out…In the end, if Steve doesn’t die on us, there is no doubt we’ll see $300 in the coming months.

    • mikeinmontreal

      mikeinmontreal 9:51 am on June 5, 2010 2749 days ago

      I picked up more June and July calls yesterday….I am hoping for an up-day on Monday (hopefully a surprise or two at WWDC), and then I am out and waiting on the sidelines with cash; maybe trade the swings; those worked out well the last 2 times. I don’t do any TA, just read up on what you guys say and look at trends; looks like we’re stuck in, let’s say, 235-265 range for now, until some catalyst for the stock arrives; Monday, possibly, or when they sell 3 million iPads, or when they sell 3 million iPhone 4s, or next earnings….but until then, lotsa volatility and lotsa negativity on the newswire…..

    • mikeinmontreal

      mikeinmontreal 11:47 am on June 7, 2010 2747 days ago

      I don’t like what I am seeing this morning. It’s starting to look like a non-event, share price wise. Market seems too bearish right now. If no major announcements this afternoon, I fell we may retest the 230s which would resignal a buy for me.

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    admin 9:40 am on June 1, 2010 - 2753 days ago

    You probably noticed I disappeared from Google Finance for a while. I have been extremely disappointed by Google Finance discussions board and their unwillingness to listen to user’s feedback. I decided to put together trading website that would allow decent discussions minus Google Finance shortcomings.

    I completely revamped old Traderhood website. New Traderhood is designed to be place for discussing stocks and trading. It is organized by stock symbols, just like google finance. The big difference is that on Traderhood, DISCUSSION  is the main feature and everything else is designed around it. At Google finance discussions had been made less and less prominent. Last Friday (May 28th), was the last straw, when they obscured discussions almost completely. To access them you have to really search for little tiny link to find them.

    Because the new Traderhood is built on completely different platform than the old one, those of you who already have an accounts will have to re-create them. Please use your google usernames when signing up so everyone knows who you are. This way we can maintain continuity.

    • admin

      admin 12:47 am on May 31, 2010 2754 days ago

      I realize there are going to be little quirks that will need to be fixed and adjusted. Please keep posting any bugs you find, so they can be fixed. Speed will improve too over the time. More tools and charts will be implemented as we go too.

      • Nicu

        Nicu 4:37 am on June 2, 2010 2752 days ago

        This is more like a suggestion / feature request than a bug report. Maybe one should be able to see the last post of any thread, instead or in addition to the first post. Related to that, keeping track of new posts (the thread was not viewed since the last n posts have arrived).

        The second, maybe harder to implement, is to have some kind of tree view for replies … not sure is better than chronological, it boils down to the average length of threads. If they are very long, tree is better, eventually with a feature to hyde all replies to some post.

        And some questions : no more chat room ? (not really necessary if the board is running smooth) no more dedicated trade “report” tools like “in call” “short” etc. ?

        Thanks a lot for your efforts, it already looks great !

        • admin

          admin 1:00 pm on June 2, 2010 2752 days ago

          As for threads: Most of the stuff I did was done to make it easy for Google Finance users to feel familiar with environment + all the improvements google is unwilling to implement. I felt non-nested comments would put everyone more on the same level, but I have worked on nested version too, so it wouldn’t be too re-implement it.
          As for having last comment first, I think it works great for live chatroom, but for posts I think it works better to have top to bottom chronological order to see the continuity of discussion.
          One of the reasons I switched to discussion board from chatroom format was to have ability to look back and see old trades and exchanges. But I do have it on my list to implement some kind of Intraday chatter. There will be few “static” boards (no particular stock related) for discussions about things like technical analysis, taxes, option strategies etc. I am thinking to call the intraday trading chatter board “Trading Room” or something like that.

          • Nicu

            Nicu 1:34 pm on June 2, 2010 2752 days ago

            I was referring about the last comment in the thread list (to see which thread got updated), not in the thread itself – I also like the chronological order here :)

      • Nicu

        Nicu 4:38 am on June 2, 2010 2752 days ago

        BUG REPORT : not really important, but I appear like “nicu” instead of “Nicu” :)

        • admin

          admin 1:14 pm on June 2, 2010 2752 days ago

          username upper/lower case issue fixed

      • Nicu

        Nicu 4:58 am on June 2, 2010 2752 days ago

        BUG REPORT – there seems to be some problem with the formatting, empty lines (for readability) are not always preserved, see my new thread.

        • admin

          admin 1:09 pm on June 2, 2010 2752 days ago

          formatting bug: thanks, I am aware of it. It will be fixed.

    • nolavabo

      nolavabo 12:26 pm on June 1, 2010 2753 days ago

      Suggestion – the “Add Comment” button should always be available/visible, without needing to click on “read more”

    • nolavabo

      nolavabo 12:26 pm on June 1, 2010 2753 days ago

      BUG REPORT – nolavabo here. When I posted the above comment, it identifies me as “admin”

      • admin

        admin 7:29 pm on June 1, 2010 2753 days ago

        I see it. I will check it out.

      • admin

        admin 9:38 pm on June 1, 2010 2753 days ago

        thanks nolav. it is fixed now

        • RattyUK

          RattyUK 8:39 am on June 8, 2010 2746 days ago


          BUG: OK the reply button is labelled replay on front pages.

    • nolavabo

      nolavabo 12:28 pm on June 1, 2010 2753 days ago

      Trading – still holding all shorts. I can admit to being nervous over the weekend, but I am relieved now. The only technical indicators I had for holding were historical volume and multiple MA lines of support being broken. These are not good for short term timing – however, as I mentioned before I believe that the long-term up trend is now broken and has become a long-term down trend.

    • admin

      admin 3:12 am on June 2, 2010 2752 days ago

      Added 10 days price chart to “big picture” indexes/ETFs. Makes it easier to glance at most recent movements.

    • admin

      admin 1:07 pm on June 2, 2010 2752 days ago

      As for hiding posts/comments. The whole rating thing should allow users to monitor traderhood themselves. Currently article/post hiding is active. Anytime users mark some article as -5, it will become blocked. Title, excerpt will be obfuscated and you will have to click on it to see what it is about. This should prevent FUD titles as users will mark blatant FUDing/flaming with rating it down. Same thing will be done with comments. It shouldn’t be difficult with nested comments to implement see/hide switch for threads. That’s a good idea.

    • Rick-o

      Rick-o 9:27 pm on June 3, 2010 2751 days ago

      Hey, thanks for building this site! Nice! I’m also getting tired of all the BS from Google. This will be a refreshing change. I’ll be hanging out, but I’m in lurk mode mostly.

      My .02 is that I too like reading threads oldest message first. Keep up the good work!

      • admin

        admin 10:48 pm on June 3, 2010 2750 days ago

        thanks Rick-o and welcome

        • nolavabo

          nolavabo 8:35 am on June 4, 2010 2750 days ago


          Agreed. A toggle to choose newest first or oldest first would be welcome.


          Welcome. Feels like Google is trying to let their boards die a slow death through starving them to death.

    • RattyUK

      RattyUK 7:34 am on June 7, 2010 2747 days ago

      Google have pulled the original posting with links from here. Left all the spammy posts (of course) but decided to protect the world from useful information.

    • hawkeye

      hawkeye 1:59 am on July 1, 2010 2723 days ago

      Damn… I was looking to find one of my blog posts from before about value investing… would you be able to recover for me consch?

    • conshmillo

      conshmillo 4:55 am on July 1, 2010 2723 days ago

      If you posted it in daily chat, it’s gone. None of those were kept. That’s why I did the new one. Here is the link to remains of old traderhood, try if you can find something there…

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