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    piero 11:43 pm on May 17, 2016 - 613 days ago

    Don’t know if you red Buffet recently at Berkshire annual meeting, but after that I said to myself: here is a guy that say things I use to write about Wall Street Gangs!!

    From WSJ : “… , the danger of derivatives and the heavy use of debt by private-equity firms….”
    Bloody derivatives!!

    “Where Are the Customers’ Yachts?,” by Fred Schwed. The title comes from the story of a visitor to New York who was admiring all the nice boats in the harbor, and was told that they belonged to Wall Street bankers. He naively asked where the bankers’ clients kept their boats. The answer: They couldn’t afford them.

    The article is lovely and some bits of Buffet speech are hilarious but serious.
    I know the Boss here doesn’t like critics on WS gangs, but here we are and is not a no one as I am, it’s Mr Buffet the king! And despite his contradictions, I’m happy to hear those things coming out from his mouth!
    Recommend reading it and find the whole transcriptions maybe!

    • piero

      piero 11:53 pm on May 17, 2016 613 days ago

      I missed the phrase before the derivative thinh, it was ” he’s criticized the tactics of activist shareholders,…”
      That’s for you bloody iCahn! ;-) And also for the ones who paid attention to him at Apple: Cook and friends…

    • piero

      piero 10:52 pm on May 18, 2016 612 days ago

      Hey I forgot to mention: He’s at Apple now with just 1 bilion… ;-)

  • henrystar

    Richard 7:46 pm on May 17, 2016 - 613 days ago

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    Richard 10:04 pm on May 14, 2016 - 616 days ago

    Who would have thought that the Apple Car would turn out to be a Chinese Taxi?

    • piero

      piero 11:44 pm on May 17, 2016 613 days ago

      Not me at all…!
      Not even Steve I guess…

    • henrystar

      Richard 9:52 am on May 18, 2016 612 days ago

      I read subsequently something about using it as an opportunity to develop and road test driverless cars. I hope that is true!

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    conshmillo 6:22 am on May 13, 2016 - 617 days ago

    Visitors to one of the most popular Apple news sites is decreasing.


    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 8:11 am on May 14, 2016 616 days ago

      I rarely go there anymore but I think it has more to do with the site than interest in Apple news. The site has always been unfriendly to Mac haters, but as Jonny Ive started doing UI and as Apple began to lose it’s way, it became a place that was intolerant of dissenting ideas on what Apple did. Ironic that back when Apple users were a smaller more persecuted group, the Apple tent was bigger, and more tollerant and intellectual. Now days, not so much.
      The other big factor is the website itself. Around the same time they started experimenting with the site design quite a bit. Subtle stuff, but kind of annoying. The site has gone through many changes but at times it became hard to read (illegible) and harder to use (UI/X.) Recently (not sure how recently since I probably only end up visiting every 2-3 months now) they have changed their underlying engine for their discussion boards, which has apparently also caused a lot of usability problems. One can’t cruise through the postings nearly as quickly and easily now.
      So less novel and usable info that’s also harder to access.
      Oh yeah. It’s also wandered further away from reporting and information and moved more toward a rumor and click-bait oriented philosophy—the whole internet is becoming like FaceBook and TMZ.

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    conshmillo 12:29 am on May 12, 2016 - 619 days ago

    “I once used iTunes to organize albums, bootlegs, demos, and deep cuts—until it made that nearly impossible. Will Apple Music finish the job?”


    • conshmillo

      conshmillo 12:29 am on May 12, 2016 619 days ago

      Bravo Jony!

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 10:10 pm on May 12, 2016 618 days ago

      Yeah. I hate to say it but iTunes has become pretty unusable.
      “Unusable” isn’t an exaggeration. I literally don’t know how to make it do some things anymore (things I used to do without a thought in the past) and some things literally don’t work as they are supposed to anymore (music and video sharing are a mess.)
      I guess they decided if you don’t opt in to their monthly fee scheme, you can just F-off and die.
      Anyone have any good options (I messed around with PLEX for a long time but finally uninstalled it. So many open source projects are neglected on the Mac. It may be hard to do on the Mac as structural things seem to be constantly changing and getting broken.)

      • conshmillo

        conshmillo 1:19 am on May 13, 2016 618 days ago

        This seems to have best reviews…

      • conshmillo

        conshmillo 1:37 am on May 13, 2016 618 days ago

        btw. I do not buy songs throughs them. I pretty much live on Pandora at home and good old CDs in the car. I am not going to buy probably any of their new PowerBooks either for the omission of CD/DVD drive. I don’t think it is obsolete at all. It’s the same coercion into using their overpriced media downloads. Since Ive is sticking his pink nose into electric cars, maybe Elon could come up with Tesla OS.

        • JPWatkins

          JPWatkins 8:25 am on May 14, 2016 616 days ago

          Thanks, I’ll check out swinsian.
          Ditto on CD/DVD.
          Streaming is fine for casual listening, but I’m not buying MP4s from anyone. I’d rather convert from a CD myself than buy a digital file of unknown quality (I actually mostly use Apple Lossless format). I like to hear things on a nice stereo or quality headphones after all . Apparently this is something hardly anyone under 35 ever does anymore.

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 10:20 pm on May 12, 2016 618 days ago

      Oh and this has nothing to do with anything, but maybe funny, so I’m putting it here:

      ArnoldC—A programming language based on the one liners of Arnold Schwarzenegger

      If you like/know some programming the read me file at GitHub is amusing.
      (Amazing what one runs into on the internet.)

      • conshmillo

        conshmillo 1:10 am on May 13, 2016 618 days ago

        Now that’s hilarious :-)

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 10:26 pm on May 17, 2016 613 days ago

      Another wacky Apple thing I just discovered. I’ve been having problems with AirDrop since day one. Guess what? I finally found some specs for airdrop and the secret information?— it only work on some Macs made before 2013 and none (usually) from before 2012. This is despite the fact that it is built upon standard WiFi and Bluetooth framework!? Remarkably, AirDrop is nonetheless visible in the OS whether or not it actually works on that machine. And strangely enough, sometimes aspects of it work (mostly) a small portion of the time. Handoff seems to (mostly) work on my mid 2011 iMac.

      This seems like a combination of just very poor execution and very poor communication of features and compatibility.

      What a way to delight your clients! :-)

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    conshmillo 5:30 am on May 2, 2016 - 628 days ago

    I updated my MacBook Pro hard drive to SSD. I am extremely happy with the change. My computer is literally faster than when I bought it. Essentially it feels like a new computer. If anyone is interested use a guide below.


    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 11:18 pm on May 5, 2016 625 days ago

      I planned to do this from the time I bought my computer, but so far have not. Considering how pathetically slow the last few systems upgrades have made it (now on el cap) it seems like a good time to do it now [it's a late 2011 27" 3.7Ghz core i7 iMac.]
      If I do it, I plan to put only the system and applications on the SSD. And even more importantly, not make it a a hybrid drive (very unlikely one could recover a crashed hybrid drive, other than erasing it and starting over.)

    • piero

      piero 11:48 pm on May 17, 2016 613 days ago

      I was planning either but after I saw the guide for the 21.5″ version of yours I stepped back! I’ve done successfully in Mac and Powerbook, but I’m terrified of the glass problem with iMac!

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    Richard 10:08 pm on April 29, 2016 - 631 days ago

    My son is beating on me to sell my AAPL. I did sell my accumulated dividends, at 132.00, but I still have all my original shares (plus subsequent dividends).

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 4:10 am on April 30, 2016 630 days ago

      I know I whined about not having sold my Apple yet, but I do plan to keep a portion of it, and I’m not selling what I want to sell now. I’m annoyed with Apple, but it’s still a solid stock (I even still think it’s well undervalued) but I admit, the really good times are gone. I’m not advising you, of course, I don’t even know your situation or time horizon. What you do is up to you, and more power to you.

      Things I’m thinking:
      • Icahn’s logic is faulty (although influential in the short run.) Apple’s play in China is hardware, not services. And services are really the only thing at risk. So negligible risk. China and Apple’s Chinese customers aren’t going to disappear. (But Apple may be suffering from the strong dollar.)
      • Icahn’s ego compels him to poison the well on his way out of town so he looks smart for having left.
      • I think the Indian market (although much smaller than China) will do well.
      • This was an unusual cycle wherein the decline was structural and therefore inevitable. iP6 sales raised irrational expectations for the just passed cycle. But hey, all those iP6 people will be wanting to upgrade their phones soon!
      • The next cycle will be more normal and Apple will continue to sell lot’s of iPhones (beating their own inevitably lowball guidance.) As a result, people will bitch less (because they always bitch about Apple) and the stock will have to recover.
      • Apple has always been a cyclical stock and the PE is currently at a ridiculously low 10! Seems to me Apple’s growth slowdown was already priced in.

      To me this seems like the wrong time to sell—while, or immediately after, everyone is trashing Apple (you should have sold before! ;-) Looking ay the headlines it’s like the good old days (Apple is DOOMED!!)

      Seems to me
      In the short run, it’s got to return to 100 anyway.
      Longer term,12 months, with good sales (which I see as inevitable) and a current PE of 10, the stock has to go up.

      Much longer term, 24+ months, things are less clear. Jony Ive must be reined in before irrecoverable damage is done. Get him off the interface. Repair UI/UX problems with, and get underlying bugs out of, iOS and OS X. The state of the OS and future innovation are the real and existential risks for Apple. Not China. Not a structural growth blip. Not the whining FBI, Icahn, or financial analysts.

      [I could be totally wrong, feel free to say so.]

    • conshmillo

      conshmillo 12:49 am on May 1, 2016 630 days ago

      Maybe you guys should hedge with put options at least for a little while. John, I don’t believe China will fall in place. I think it will get even worse. I think smart phones are becoming mainstream. Android din’t die and Chinese phones are high quality/low price. A lot of people could not give a rat’s ass whether their phone is iPhone or Huawei/Xiaomi. Apple still sells Shuffles for $49.00. You can get exactly the same product for with bluetooth functionality on eBay for $2.00. Apple has no ability to surprise anymore. AppleWatch took them for ever to release and it didn’t impress. (various sources are trying to prop it up as a success. It is not.) There is pretty much nothing that Apple can do to improve their chances. They are IBM now.

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    conshmillo 9:54 pm on April 26, 2016 - 634 days ago

    Now, when will Apple finally realize they have put a wrong guy in the charge. He fucked it up and he keeps fucking it up. And biggest fuck up, the Apple car is coming. There is only one problem Apple has today. The name of the problem is Jony Ive.


    • conshmillo

      conshmillo 9:55 pm on April 26, 2016 634 days ago

      Saturated market my ass. Ive turned unique Apple into me too Apple!

    • piero

      piero 11:41 pm on April 26, 2016 634 days ago

      Nothing last forever…
      Especially when you put some Wall Street friendly guy to manage Apple as CEO and that CFO… it’s nidicolous that they are completely addict with buybacks and dividends!

      Steve never stood those white collar criminals and rightly has kept away Apple from them! Until then Apple has been the healthiest (financially) company ever! Now it’s just the bigger cow to milk!

      Ive is part of the story? Don’t think so, it’s just the one that Steve chose to make the jump years ago. Now he has no counterpart as passionate as rational as Steve was.

      Wall Street will destroy anyone and anybody on its path, including the world as I’ve known for decades.

      Only ex hippies can stand them, but there are no one at Apple anymore! And very few out there…

      • conshmillo

        conshmillo 2:24 am on April 27, 2016 634 days ago

        Ive fucked up perfectly good thing with his flat Windows (or worse) interface design.

        • piero

          piero 11:38 am on April 27, 2016 633 days ago

          On that I agree completely! After he has done great things, he just keep watching himself in the mirror!

      • conshmillo

        conshmillo 2:26 am on April 27, 2016 634 days ago

        Also sick and tired listening about big bad Wall Street. I hear it every day from Sanders campaign. Obviously when Apple was announcing bigger and bigger earnings nobody was bothered by Wall Street.

        • piero

          piero 11:36 am on April 27, 2016 633 days ago

          Come on, be real!
          Don’t talk about politics here…!! ;-)

          You missed another nice article yesterday night about Aapl! It was the story of a very good Ceo of a successful startup, but when a Wall Street criminal set down in the board, he resigned after few weeks in December 2015…
          You know who was that bloody man, right?
          Carl Icahn.

        • piero

          piero 11:37 am on April 27, 2016 633 days ago

          One more thing…. Somebody like milk very much… even if it’s not healthy in adult age!!

    • piero

      piero 11:53 pm on April 26, 2016 634 days ago

      Just one more thing…

      Yesterday I red a title that says everything about it:
      “This quarter’s earnings season trend? layoffs…”

      What this incapable and fake managers, real criminals, would do to please those fucking bloody Street guys…

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 11:36 pm on April 27, 2016 633 days ago

      Don’t I feel silly for not having sold all of my Apple 6 months ago (or 4 years ago.)
      The result would have been about the same.
      Apple’s value seems to have lagged behind reality, but maybe reality is beginning to settle down to Wallstreet’s generally low expectations for Apple.

  • 1

    Richard 9:25 am on April 25, 2016 - 635 days ago

    I doubt that they would be doing this at all, unless they felt that they could leapfrog Tesla. I’m hoping that Apple is the new Apple!

    • conshmillo

      conshmillo 8:32 am on April 26, 2016 634 days ago

      I guarantee you it is going to be a disaster. Jobs is gone. That means checks and balances are gone. Jony Ive is clueless and Cook only knows how to run operations. He has no vision.

  • henrystar

    Richard 2:42 pm on April 17, 2016 - 643 days ago

    Glance at these speculations:

    As in my previous posting, stimulated by the April Fool Apple Car, I really think this is a chance for Apple to totally revolutionize all land transportation, especially personal transportation. This will be a totally new category and AAPL will go off the charts on its introduction. When? Sooner than you think (I think).

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