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    rastard 6:10 pm on March 10, 2016 - 383 days ago

    A little bit late in posting, but I hadn’t heard this until now. Not that anyone here cares anymore, but this seems to put to rest the debate over whether Google actually makes money from Android or not. While Apple’s revenue and profit on iPhones dwarf it, $22B in profit isn’t chump change:

    Consh — by when was it you expected Google to abandon Android again? Still think it will? :-)


    • piero

      piero 5:15 pm on March 11, 2016 383 days ago

      :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) Copied…. Innovators? :-) :-) :-) :-) Manipulators!

    • conshmillo

      conshmillo 2:08 pm on March 12, 2016 382 days ago

      Pretty much don’t give a shit one way or the other. Android always sucked. Now Apple sucks too.

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 4:47 am on March 18, 2016 376 days ago

      It could not possibly be that oracle might have presented the highest possible numbers, the source and method of calculation of which is not revealed, as doing so would only serve to make their case stronger and their settlement larger. Right?

  • conshmillo

    conshmillo 11:32 am on March 4, 2016 - 390 days ago

    “A US government agency says it has attained the “holy grail” of energy – the next-generation system of battery storage, that has has been hotly pursued by the likes of Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

    Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (Arpa-E) – a branch of the Department of Energy – says it achieved its breakthrough technology in seven years.

    Ellen Williams, Arpa-E’s director, said: “I think we have reached some holy grails in batteries – just in the sense of demonstrating that we can create a totally new approach to battery technology, make it work, make it commercially viable, and get it out there to let it do its thing,””


  • piero

    piero 5:11 pm on March 3, 2016 - 391 days ago

    As I already said 3 years ago, the nazi piggy banker Google’s front man Schimdt is now revealing his real evil side leading a board at the Pentagon… I’m not surprised at all.
    I’m surprised that there is no knowledge that financing those Google guys through gmail, goggle apps, android, and so on, you’re de facto siding on the war nazi side of USA!–nike-face-adidas-challenge–aubrey-mcclendon-and-car-black-boxes–netflix-s-reach-161021269.html

    And as in the Oscar Night, the writer of The Short said: ” do not vote for candidates that are backed by bankers, corporation, oil, ….”

    If you know it, you can avoid it!!


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    conshmillo 12:08 am on February 26, 2016 - 397 days ago

    I am with Apple on this. Opening the door to FBI will just decrease the privacy of private citizens. Crooks can already encrypt their communication before sending it so this would not help much to fight them. I do not know the answer yet on how agencies should monitor crooks and terrorists. I understand it is vital for agencies to be able get their communication, but it should not be by done by universal back door they can open anytime they please.

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 8:03 pm on March 8, 2016 385 days ago

      Totally agree with Apple on this as well.
      It’s funny that Apple’s commitment to my privacy and security earns my trust every day, even as I more and more abhor their efforts in UI, UX, and features in their software.

      • JPWatkins

        JPWatkins 11:26 pm on April 27, 2016 335 days ago

        [I expected an "Amen" from Conshmillo on this by now! ;-) ]

        • conshmillo

          conshmillo 5:08 am on April 28, 2016 335 days ago

          Amen :-)

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    Richard 10:51 am on February 13, 2016 - 410 days ago

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 5:43 am on February 25, 2016 398 days ago

      I still content, Beats—Apple’s worst acquisition ever.

    • conshmillo

      conshmillo 7:50 pm on February 25, 2016 397 days ago

      Only show I ever bought from Apple was movie L.A. Story (with Steve Martin) when I bought my first Apple TV. I generally like to make a good deal so I don’t buy their entertainment as a rule of thumb. It is so overpriced it hurts the eyes. I was willing to pay for new exciting hardware (back then when Apple was exciting), I am not willing to pay for overpriced content I can get as easy but much cheaper. As for exciting hardware, I have not been in Apple store for a year. Honestly, how often do you stop by there lately?

      • JPWatkins

        JPWatkins 7:58 pm on March 8, 2016 385 days ago

        Not very often any more.

        Visiting Mom today. She had a problem with important e-mails going to the junk folder. Turns out at some point Apple decided they would start deciding what is junk for you at the Apple server, overriding your carefully trained desktop junkman filtering. I have always been leery of Apple pushing everyone to “the cloud.” How could Apple ever think the two junk mail filtering systems shouldn’t communicate with each other or at least be made explicit in their function? I checked and this explains problems I have had with missing e-mails for a long time now.

        Whats’s the fix? You have to go to to your mail on the iCloud server via the web and correct problems there. And if you don’t have a desktop (are iOS only) your SOL, apparently, because you can’t do this from iOS. And worst of all?—they didn’t bother to tell anyone that this is how things work now. I’m still not sure if I have actually fixed the problem.

        Welcome to the “New Apple” of Tim Cook and Johnny Ive. Everything is designed to “help” you—so much so that it sabotages you and deletes your important e-mail. Thanks!
        What idiots!

  • conshmillo

    conshmillo 8:20 am on February 8, 2016 - 415 days ago

    “All is not well at Tesla. On Thursday, its stock price fell to $166.99, its lowest since January, 2014. After Elon Musk silenced skeptics by delivering a new quarterly record and reaching the company’s target of 50,000 EV sales in 2015, this drop may come as a shock to investors. But Tesla’s share price may point to a failing in Musk’s strategy – the much-hyped Model X.”


  • conshmillo

    conshmillo 6:43 am on February 8, 2016 - 415 days ago

    Oh shit, here we go. Jony Ive unguided “design” touch – pink color.


  • henrystar

    Richard 10:13 pm on February 4, 2016 - 418 days ago

    “Hello MathType Mac users,
    Some of you have been asking about MathType’s compatibility with the recently released Mac Office 2016. Microsoft decided to make Mac Office 2016 compatible with Apple’s Mac App Store which imposes security restrictions that affect communication between applications, preventing MathType from working with Mac Office 2016 applications such as Word and PowerPoint.”

    The “updates” have been so frequent and so destructive that I can only do my scientific work now on an old laptop that fortunately I still have. My modern Mac is almost useless for scientific work.

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    piero 3:38 pm on February 1, 2016 - 422 days ago

    I just saw the movie SJ with Fassbender, and it was a nice piece but just a piece. Especially because they miss the mature Steve Jobs as man, not as businessman (that is the choice of the movie).

    And today I red this article and I kind of agree with him: Cool looks more and more as Sculley!!

    • conshmillo

      conshmillo 8:06 pm on February 2, 2016 420 days ago

      I think Cook is good operations manager but he has no vision and can’t distinguish what is good or bad for Apple. He can run it but he has no clue which direction to go. It was huge mistake to allow Jonathan Ive to be the man who sets the direction. He is alright as guided designer, not as guiding designer. People buy Apple products because they are cool. Guy who sold them on that cool is not among us anymore and Apple wasn’t able or didn’t even try to find another master of cool and relevant. Jonathan Ive is NOT it. So what will happen to Apple when it stops being cool?

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 7:31 am on February 3, 2016 420 days ago

      He’s way better than Scully, but he’s way short of Jobs.
      I’d say (don’t faint Consh,) I tend to agree with Conch. My major difference is that I’ve always seen cool as just the icing that sold a really good cake. Steve jobs once said,
      “You’ve baked a really lovely cake, but then you’ve used dog shit for frosting.”
      which illustrates this well. Apple couldn’t be Apple without making a good cake no matter how good the icing.
      Nowadays, Apple is losing cake quality (moving too fast on many system features and not bothering to repair/address vital function and usability, while still producing the best quality hardware,) even as they incorporate increasing quantities (any amount is unacceptable) of dog shit in their frosting (letting Jony Ive and others run amok with much of the interface and features of the software.) Admittedly, the line between frosting and cake is getting more blurry—as the interface and features become so crappy (dog crappy?) that it makes system unreliable or hard to use,what was a frosting problem quickly becomes a cake problem.

      • conshmillo

        conshmillo 9:33 am on February 3, 2016 420 days ago

        Well said.

    • henrystar

      Richard 10:44 am on February 3, 2016 420 days ago

      Well said indeed!

    • JPWatkins

      JPWatkins 9:14 pm on February 3, 2016 419 days ago

      BTW, using that POS, El Cap, I was just trying to use the find and replace feature in Text Edit and . . .
      it didn’t work!

      How can they break “Find and replace” in text edit? How is it possible? I am disgusted.

      Might it work, in some way, if used “properly”? Maybe. Perhaps it’s a little bug. Maybe I should restart Text edit, or restart my computer. Maybe there’s some subtle new Ivian “interface feature” I’m missing. But should I really need to do research to find out how to use “Find and replace” in Text edit? [and forget about using the long FUBARed and nearly useless Apple help—using Google search has been faster and easier for most things for a few years now.]

    • henrystar

      Richard 12:29 pm on February 4, 2016 419 days ago

      Google search is the world’s new brain, replacing all manuals. For example I both love and hate Mathematica. Love it because of the miracles it can do; hate it because it is hell to find out how to do each miracle. But I no longer go into the manual to find the answer: I google: Mathematica whatever whatever and it takes me fast to whatever whatever in the Mathematica help. Easy and fast and moderately intelligent. In 100 years it will be like asking God (should be).

      • conshmillo

        conshmillo 7:52 pm on February 4, 2016 418 days ago

        I said it several times that I wouldn’t be surprised if Google turned search into paid service. I would pay $10 monthly gladly.

  • conshmillo

    conshmillo 7:33 am on January 29, 2016 - 425 days ago

    We’re rapidly approaching the unveiling of Tesla’s next big thing, the Model 3, scheduled for March 2016, and speculation about the company’s future plans is shifting into a higher gear. The most interesting rumor that I’ve seen comes from Seth Weintraub: Apparently Tesla is planning a surprise and will unveil not one, but two new electric vehicles.


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